Monday, January 29, 2007

The Peace Bubble Guy

J.D. Leggett is the "Peace Bubble Guy" and is coming to our wonderful little church on May 27. This is his visit to a Catholic Worker mission around Tucson. Isn't this great?!


On the Red Carpet
Today is the last day of the two-week doctor-imposed "vow of silence" to give my voice a rest. She gave me a special dispensation for Sundays, so that I could preach and lead worship. Yesterday, I also did some talking at the two Bible studies I lead. Mostly, though, I have kept to it very diligently, and I really hope that it's helped. Because it's been harder than I thought.

The hard part is not remembering to not talk. I don't slip and talk without realizing it. It's just that life participation and self-reflection rely on verbal communication, and I've discovered that an introvert like me needs "people time" in ways I hadn't noticed before.

The interesting part is what people do when I communicate to them in writing on my personal-sized white marker board. When there are several people I'm "talking" to, they each take the board, read it silently, and then pass it on. I long for the first one to read it out loud, to be my voice for me. It seems it would be more efficient and make more sense and be more compassionate. I think I would instinctively do that, but no one else has.

The funny thing has been my non-verbal way of yelling. I have had, for a long time, a little squirt gun, no bigger than the palm of your hand. It really squirts, too! So, I keep it with my white marker board and use when I need to get the attention of youth and kids in our church or a certain youth leader who has mistakenly thought he could needle me without comeback during this time! The joke was on me when it leaked in my pocket last night during adult Bible study and so when I stood up, there was an embarrassing spot in an embarrassing place. I bring the jokes on myself most of the time.

The thing I miss most remains not singing -- in church, in life -- and that is still off limits until I see the doc.

Playing the last card of this game today! Yea!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The adorable *&^%* CATS!

Jack is our "baby" kitty and he's going to be 6 years old this year. His name lends itself to nicknames -- like "Jack in the Box" which is what he is in this picture. Jack likes to do weird things, like play with elastic, find lingerie and drag it around the house, and eat packing tape off of open boxes. We have two other cats, Ruby and Mickey, who defer to Jack as the alpha male of the household, even though Jack hasn't been technically male since he was a baby.

My cats are somewhat freaked out that I'm not talking. They are even clingier than usual, which is ironically irritating. I like cats because, unlike dogs, they do their thing over there, while I do mine over here. Except my cats, perversely, like to invade my personal space with theirs. As I type this, Jack is sitting close enough to me that I can, with my fingers on the keyboard, stretch out the little finger on my right hand and pet him. His furry body spills over onto the computer keyboard and he keeps watch like my feline muse. I don't know who is taking care of whom around here. I never do.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bits and Pieces

flower recipe box
I made a pretty decent quiche last night out of some ham, mushrooms, onions and green pepper I had hanging around in my fridge. I modified Chef Larry's Ham and Mushroom Quiche recipe to fit my ingredients. For fun and health, I put it in a whole wheat pie crust that made "healthy" pretty delicious.

Today is DAY 10 of my 14-day doctor-imposed medical vow of silence. Seems to me that not talking makes it harder for me to get things done as quickly. I apparently talk my way through my whole life, singing and cheering myself on constantly. So, I'm not quite on time with the church newsletter or this Sunday's worship bulletin. Other slow-me-down things: Babies, children, teenagers, empty house, summer gardening, fall foliage gawking, keeping warm in winter, spring fever, a cup of coffee with a friend, and -- stop the world -- being out of coffee.

The even harder thing, pastorally speaking, is that our church is in crisis and grief because one of our dear ones is suffering from a sudden,incredibly debilitating mysterious illness. "If one member suffers, all suffer together ..." (1 Corinthians 12:26a) To comfort without words? Is it possible to do? Sure. Just not the usual. Maybe better. Who knows?

I got a visit from a Pocket Faerie yesterday! She brought me a magic treasure chest, and it was filled with hugs and love!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cyber-Radio Comfort

I got in the habit of listening to Air America Radio online during the last election cycle. I especially enjoy Al Franken's show (from noon - 3 p.m.) and Randi Rhodes (from 3-6 p.m.) when I have a chance to listen.

Lately, I've needed a rest for my ears to go with my voice rest. So I've been listening to some of the gazillions of stations at Some of the New Age channels are my favorites, but there are all kinds of stations. There are some ads, unless you subscribe, but I don't find them too annoying or very frequent. Right now, I'm listening to a channel called "Heavenly Music" and it is what it says. Another New Age channel that I like is "Whisperings" which plays soothing piano music.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Color is Your Aura?

What do you think? Me? And what about your aura?

Your Aura is Violet
Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world. And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it!
The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say.
Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony
Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach

Refresh, Renew, Restart & Rejoice!

Feliz cumpleaños querida amiga (nuska 2008) Happy birthday dear friend, kisses
My friend Karen Anne has a new blog and it is wonderful! Check out Scones and Crones and soak up some "comfort and joy" -- Karen Anne style. KA has inspired me to reconstitute this blog and play around here with some thoughts and dreams and a-ha moments and some silliness, too. I need an outlet. Thanks, Karen Anne!

So ... I need to talk. Literally. Because I can't talk. Literally. Today is DAY 5 of my medical vow of silence. Completely no talking. For 2 whole weeks. And I've been forbidden to whisper, sing or yell since the doctor informed me 2 weeks and 2 days ago that I have a slight injury on my vocal cords that needs rest. The singing is the hardest. A surprising thing I've learned about myself is that I sing through my life. And, of course, I love to sing in church.

My COMFORT is my new constant companion -- a personal-sized white marker board where I write what I simply have to say. I'm on my second erasable marker. In 4 days, I burned out the first one.

My JOY is that I do get a special medical dispensation to talk in church. Still no singing -- or whispering or yelling -- but I do get to do the parts of the worship service that are mine, like the sermon. The lay worship leaders have been a delight and a great help! A lasting gift of this time is that I am going to be more disciplined in asking them more regularly to lead worship with me.

There are lessons in this, and the most obvious is the one everyone jokes about -- that is, I do talk too much. That's just a gift of a truth. I need to make space for other voices -- in the worship service, for example. I also see the value of other ways of communicating -- email, instant message, and body language. I have seen how my not being so verbal lets other people shine. And I've enjoyed listening! I've heard people in new ways, and I've been listening to my life.

I like what I hear!