Monday, August 08, 2011

I'm Game!

Day 362: What's your game?Robin at Metanoia has invited her readers to play a multi-part game of some kind.  She has posted the first step, and when at least 10 people have responded, we get to find out the next step.  I have so appreciated Robin's depth, and so I trust her whimsy.  Wanna play?

Robin's game:

Take a minute and write down your responses to the following.  No context ~ just whatever responses pop into your mind.  Be as general or specific as you want, using as few words as possible.

1. Five colors: Magenta, lavender, forest green, ivory, Christmas red

2. Five cities: Dallas, TX; Portland, OR; Baton Rouge, LA; Portland, ME; Santa Fe, NM

3.  Five landscapes: Central American jungle, organic farm, Cajun bayou, Smoky Mountains, open sea

4.  Five interiors: Hogwarts, rustic cabin, castle, country church, general store

5. Five things you might wear: skirt, t-shirt, jeans, pj's, sweater

When at least  ten people have responded, either in their comments or in their own blogs, I'll tell you the next step.  There are four steps in all.

1 comment:

Robin said...

OK, your landscapes and interiors are among the most unusual and dramatic!