Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Five: Odds & Ends

RevGal Sally invites us to play this week's Friday Five:

I have had a ridiculously busy week so apologies for the fact that this is rushed and even a bit late, but here goes, even in the busyness of the week what has

1. Inspired you
2. Challenged you
3. Made you smile
4. Made you cross/ made you want to weep
5.Kept you going?

Sally, thanks! I've been busy, too, but not too busy today to play along.

1. What has inspired me:  I was inspired by the Confirmation classes on Monday night. The younger class is not into it, even yet, but they keep coming and trying to figure it out. The second year class has formed a group, is interested in church life and is responsive to their pastors. They are so full of potential and energy and they, at least at the moment, want to spend some of that on/at church.

2. What has challenged me:  A conversation with a beloved young relative who is choosing a non-traditional path and part of that is being unashamedly "not Christian" although exceedingly Christ-like.  I am challenged to be a whole lot more clear on the desired outcome of my own life and ministry. I'm also challenged about my role in "church as usual" even though that's not what I want either.

3.  What has made me smile:  One goofy thing: This cat thing in the picture above. It sits on the middle of my mom's dining room table. During the day, its hand waves up and down because of that solar cell.  Waving hello . . . or good-bye . . . ? ? ?

4:  What made me want to weep:  The struggles of another beloved young relative.

5:  What kept me going:  VACATION!  I arrived in Baton Rouge Tuesday about noon and have been hanging out with that branch of my family until I go to New Orleans tomorrow to get on the big boat for BE 5!  The anticipation of ten days of vacation & continuing ed, a little Cajun Country time, sun, laughter . . . that's what's been keeping me going for awhile now.


Purple said...

Have a grand time. Look forward to hearing about it when you return from the "high seas".

river song said...

what an inspiring play, thanks--and have a blast on the boat!

Joolie said...

So hear you on #2. Jealous of the cruise! Have a great time!

Jan said...

Have fun--so glad you found time to play!

Still dancing said...

Sharon, I said I'd keep in touch, so I've started a new blog