Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lenten Photos Day 4: Injustice

Every day, I drive by this "Home Depot" on my way to the church office.

Every day, in the parking lot, I see as many as 40 men waiting there. I've been told that they are waiting there for someone to come by and give them some work for the day.  Today was Saturday.  I took this picture when I stopped at next-door Rouse's for a few groceries.  I counted 11 men there at noon.  On a Saturday.

The Home Depot store itself has a huge "Help Wanted" sign posted on its building exterior.

In 2007, Home Depot CEO Robert Nardelli received a severance package of $212 million.  Worth it? He "earned" himself a spot on CNBC's list of the  "Worst American CEO's of All Time."

Home Depot's current CEO Frank Blake makes 700 times minimum wage ($10.8 million).

I've also heard that someone in a hoodie has every reason to expect the worst.

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